EQUIP2 Tutorial WebApp index

Chris Greenhalgh, 2007-01-29


This is a tutorial EQUIP2-based web application, incorporating Hibernate and Spring Framework, and running in a J2EE Servlet container such as Apache Tomcat.

It is meant to embody reasonable practice in a range of EQUIP2 and Spring things typically in web applications. It also supports some tutorial documentation.

For general configuration, build and deploy information see the documentation from the minimal web application:

The configuration files for this web application by default use the web application name 'equip2tutorial' and a mySQL database 'equip2tutorial', user name 'equip2tutorial', password 'equip2tutorialpw' (see EQUIP2_WebApp_Configuring_and_Building.html for how to change these).

Build the web application as described in EQUIP2_WebApp_Configuring_and_Building.html.

Deploy it as described in EQUIP2_WebApp_Deploying.html.

See EQUIP2_Support.html for options for further support

Application Overview

The tutorial application is a simple server-only EQUIP2-based web application, which supports:

Tutorial documents

General/overview documents:
General J2EE/Spring:
Application example (includes use of EQUIP2):
... [more to follow]