EQUIP2 WebApp Dynamic Pages using EQUIP2 Taglib

Chris Greenhalgh, 2007-01-30


For the general documentation/specification of the EQUIP2 custom Taglib see (from the main EQUIP2 distribution) EQUIP2_JSP_Taglib.html

For general information on JSP and JSTL see EQUIP2_WebApp_Dynamic_Pages_with_JSP.html

There is an example at http://.../equip2/view/anexample.htm, which is generated from the JSP equip2/view/anexample.jsp, which lists some information about each Player in the database.

For comparison, there is a version of the same thing at http://.../equip2/simple_query_controller.htm which handles the EQUIP2 dataspace access in the controller equip2.webapptutorial.equip2.SimpleQueryController and the view, separately, in the JSP equip2/simple_query_controller.jsp.