EQUIP2 Starting a new WebApp

Chris Greenhalgh, 2007-01-29

How to...

If you are starting a new EQUIP2-based web application project, then the suggested way to get started is to:
  1. copy the whole source tree for the mimimal web application; this will have src, etc, lib and webapp subdirectories.
  2. change the name of the copy
  3. delete all subdirectories called 'CVS' from the copy (and their contents) (this is the CVS repository information; if you don't remove this then you will have trouble putting it in a new repository and may break the EQUIP2 CVS)
  4. follow the general configuration steps in EQUIP2_WebApp_Configuring_and_Building.html to reflect the new web application name and database configuration
  5. define the data classes to be used in your new application, by authoring bean definition xml files in etc/ (see EQUIP2_WebApp_Defining_the_Dataspace.html and the EQUIP2 document Simple_Bean_Generator.html).
  6. update the build process to generate Java beans etc for these new classes and to include them in the Hibernate configuration (see EQUIP2_WebApp_Configuring_and_Building.html).
  7. update and tailore the database web forms interface for the new classes (see EQUIP2_WebApp_Defining_the_Dataspace.html)
  8. carry on development, copying chunks from the tutorials, etc., as required :-)