EQUIP2 WebApp Standard Dataspace Web Interface

Chris Greenhalgh, 2007-01-30


Through a combination of reflection, heuristics and further declarative configuration, EQUIP2 provides a standard set of web pages for administering and debugging and potentially also authoring data in an EQUIP2-based web application.


The main capabilities are:

Comments and suggestions

The XML dumps are useful for debugging and for initial authoring and testing as they can be viewed by many applications and can be hand-edited/authoring if necessary.

The Hessian dumps are generally smaller and faster to process and so are preferred for working backups of running systems.

XML or Hessian dumps can be transferred between installations of the same application (provided care has been taken that the same IDs are not independently allocated by each one and to consider other possible concurrent changes). For example, this was used in Day of the Figurines to transfer authored content from an authoring server to the game server. These dumps can also be read by other (non-J2EE) EQUIP2 applications, e.g. thick clients or phone-based applications.

The forms interface can be used for low-level data entry and primitive authoring of content, as well as for debugging and monitoring.

General monitoring is best performed with additional application-specific view pages, normally written using JSP and the EQUIP2 taglib (no controller).