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Chris Greenhalgh. Last updated: 2007-06-12

At the heart of EQUIP2 is the notion of a dataspace, which is a logical container for data. It can be thought of as a database or tuplespace. However it holds programming language objects rather than tables and rows (relational database) or tuples (tuplespace). It also integrates a flexible change notification system which is comparable to a publish-subscribe event/data distrbution system.

EQUIP2 is a completely new version of EQUIP which focusses on (what I consider to be) the key essence of EQUIP: providing an integrated state/event model for developing loosely coupled (usually distributed) applications.

Out of the box it has simpler distribution that EQUIP version 1 (EQUIP4J); if EQUIP 1's distribution/replication model is just right to you then you may want to start there (unless you also need J2ME and/or C++ support).


Getting started with EQUIP

EQUIP2_Overview.html - general overview and introduction to EQUIP2.

EQUIP2_Installation_Guide.html - how to build and run initial standalone EQUIP2 applications.

EQUIP2_Support.html - options for further support.

See also... need to create an initial programming tutorial, although this is a little hard without a default distribution facility...

EQUIP2 General Java Programming

EQUIP2_Introduction.html - introduction to Java API programming EQUIP2, including documentation of the core dataspace API.

EQUIP2 Javadocs (if generated - by 'ant javadoc')

EQUIP2_Code_Logging.html - suggestions on use of Log4j (subset) for code error/debug logging in EQUIP2 and applications based on it.

EQUIP2_Logging.html - documentation of the interfaces and datatypes which support routine logging of all dataspace operations in EQUIP2.

EQUIP2 Java Web Application/Server Programming

Simple_Bean_Generator.html - the (optional but useful) simple XML schema and tools to make EQUIP2-compatible Java Beans, helper classes and Hibernate O/R mapping files.

EQUIP2_and_Hibernate.html - using the Hibernate O/R dataspace implementation to create a persistent dataspace over a relational database using Hibernate.

EQUIP2_JSP_Taglib.html - documentation of the EQUIP2 custom taglib, for use in Java Server Pages in EQUIP2-based web applications.

See also... need to create an initial web application example and documentation...

EQUIP2 marshalling and serialisation

EQUIP2_XML_encoding.html - minimal description of EQUIP2's own default data XML format/meta-schema.

Hessian 1_0_1 Specification.htm - public documentation of the Hessian binary XML-like web-service encoding also supported by EQUIP2.

EQUIP2 Remote Dataspace Access (Client/server)

EQUIP2_Remote_Dataspace_Protocol.html - description of EQUIP2 remote dataspace access protocol, and also outline of ECMAScript compatible marshalling (e.g. for use with Flash ActionScript).

EQUIP2_ActionScript_Client.html  - description and sample ActionScript for connecting to a dataspace server from a Flash movie.

EQUIP2 C++ Programming

Note: the EQUIP2 C++ version is currently incomplete and less well tested or supported. It is based on an automated translation of the Java version.

EQUIP2_CPP_Programming.html - how to use EQUIP2 C++ and various programming peculiarities & FAQs

EQUIP2_CPP_Introduction.html - initial information about the C++ version of EQUIP2.

Other EQUIP2 components and facilities

Note: these are generally specialist and may not be of general interest.

EQUIP2_RPC_support.html - an initial, simple RPC (Remote Procedure Call) framework in EQUIP2.

EQUIP2_and_ContextPhone.html - notes on an initial integration with the Context Phone smart-phone platform.

Working notes

Note: these are often design notes, which are not generally kept up to date or necessarily representative of the current state of implementation.

EQUIP_refactoring_notes.html - (old) notes on possible refactorings of EQUIP (v.1), as background to EQUIP2 development.

EQUIP2_Large_Dataspace_notes.html - notes on issues and strategies for working with larger dataspaces in EQUIP2.

EQUIP2_API_Alternatives.html - notes on as-yet-unimplementation alternative dataspace API(s)

EQUIP2_Integration_options.html - thinking about possible strategies for integration EQUIP2 with other systems/platforms and/or using EQUIP2 for integration.

EQUIP2_Javatrans_notes.html - working notes (out of date) on C++ porting activity using Javatrans.

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