EQUIP2 API Alternatives

Chris Greenhalgh, 2006-03-01


The current/initial EQUIP2 API uses a Data Access Object style, in which POJOs or JavaBeans (with framework support through helper classes or reflection) are used a data values. This encourages an OO style, and allows large parts of the application logic to be independent of EQUIP2, solely making use of these common data object classes. The current/initial session API is based on the Hibernate API, which further supports non-EQUIP2 application logic by automatically/transparently detecting changes made by the application to values obtained from the data space during that session and committing these as updates at the end of that session.

While useful for support non-EQUIP2-specific application logic, this approach has some potential issues:

Consequently, it may be worth defining other API options which use different idioms, but remain compatible, e.g. may be used on the same dataspaces, or even mixed within the same application.

Initial thoughts: