EQUIP2 Integration Options

Chris Greenhalgh 2006-03-07


"the key essence of EQUIP: providing an integrated state/event model for developing loosely coupled (usually distributed) applications"

We would like to be make use of EQUIP2 as a common "platform", to support a range of projects and activities. What does mean and imply? What are the technical issues and options?

What is a platform?

In the sense of model-driven architecture, it is that on which the rest is built, that which can be taken for granted. The platform may include: concepts and guidelines, interfaces (i.e. data types and APIs, protocols, file-formats), libraries of code, applications (e.g. supporting services, tools), data resources (e.g. media assets). There is a presumption of coherence and interoperability within the scope of the platform.

What is the EQUIP2 platform?