Alphabetical component list

Generated 2006-03-17

Alternate template componentThis template is intended to support the quick building of simple I/O components.
ArrayPlayerOutputs one object at a time from a given array.
Association LearnerThis component can learn mappings between an input and an output, and then return the learned output if the input is used again.
AtomBloggerPublishes a blog entry to an Atom blog.
AudioAverageCalculate average value of audio samples (part of Media/Audio/Analysis framework ).
AudioCaptureManagerFactory for AudioCapture components (part of Media/Audio/Analysis framework; uses JMF).
AudioProcessorConfigurable audio processor (part of Media/Audio/Analysis framework).
AudioSelectValueAudio processor which exposes one sample from the input frame (part of Media/Audio/Analysis framework).
BluetoothDiscoverAttempts to discover nearby bluetooth device addresses using any local radio(s).
Boolean InverterInverts a boolean value.
BooleanToRealA simple component which maps boolean (i.e.
CSVFileReaderReads from a CSV (ie comma-seperated) file
CameraCaptures individual frames from a camera.
DataspaceInterfaceA bean which interfaces directly to the installation dataspace, allowing values to be copied in and out.
DelayLinePropagates input to output after a delay, analogous to a digital delay-line.
DictionaryArrayMergeA component which merges all of the values linked to its input into a single output array.
DictionaryFilterComponent allowing the specification of rules used to filter dictionary objects.
DictionaryMergeA component which merges the values in its two input Dictionary items, eg for adding metadata to a value.
Dynamic BeanShellBeanShell scripting component with run-time specified inputs and outputs.
EmailFilterCan be used to filter emails.
EmailReceiverA simple component which collects the latest email from a mail server.
EmailSenderThis component is used to send email messages.
EventListenerRegisters mouse and key events.
EventRobotEventRobot manifests key and mouse events.
FIFOQueueAllows a user to add and remove items from a queue.
FileWriterWrites or concatenates string inputs to a file.
FunctionFactoryUsed to create components which can calculate functions.
IPerGObjectProxyFactoryAn experimental factory component to interface to and replicate game objects from the IPerG PART platform.
IPodInterfaceRegisters mouse and key events.
JoystickInterfaceAutomatic factory for JoystickProxy components, using Windows Joystick API.
LIFOQueueAllows a user to add and remove items from a queue.
Logic GateA general-purpose two-input logic gate.
MoteInstanceRepresents a single Mote particle - created by MotesFactory.
MotesFactoryFactory to detect and manage deployed Smart-It devices.
PhidgetInterfaceKitUsed to control a PhidgetInterfaceKit.
PhidgetLCDUsed to control a PhidgetLCD screen.
PhidgetRFIDUsed to control a PhidgetRFID reader.
PhidgetServoUsed to control a 1-motor or 4-motor Phidget Servo board.
Play3DSoundA 3-D sound component that plays an audio file.
PropertyExchangeTriggerSimple component which copies an input property to an output property on receiving a trigger.
PropertyMapperMaps a key to a value.
RSSClientSimple client and viewer for monitoring RSS feeds.
ReminderReminder Bean outputs a reminder message at the specified date.
RollingAverageCalculates a rolling average of its input value.
RunProgramA bean to run a native application.
SMSA component which can be used to send and receive SMS
Scripter ComponentScripted component based on BeanShell and Scripter application.
SimpleMediaViewerSimple frame for displaying media in the form of urls resources.
SmallDisplayStringExtractorExtracts information from messages.
SmartItsFactoryFactory to detect and manage deployed Smart-It devices.
SmartItsInstanceRepresents a single SmartIt - created by SmartItsFactory.
StringConcatenationConcatenates two items of text together.
SystemTimeclass for getting the system time - might be useful for setting the clock on sytems eg.
TagItTag-It RF-ID tag reader component
Template componentThis should be a very short summary of the component's function.
TextToSpeechConverts text input to a synthesized voice.
TimerProduces timing signal at specified intervals
VideoARToolkitGlyphTrackerARToolkit vision framework component, to track ARToolkit glyphs.
VideoBarCode1DAttempt to read 1D barcode from image - very unreliable (works with Media/Video/Analysis framework ).
VideoBooleanPixelCountCount 'true' pixels in input image (part of Media/Video/Analysis framework ).
VideoCaptureManagerFactory for JMFVideoCapture components (part of Media/Video/Analysis framework; uses JMF).
VideoFrameAverageCalculates average pixel value in image (part of Media/Video/Analysis framework ).
VideoFrameExporterExport image as URL on trigger (part of Media/Video/Analysis framework; see also Media/Video/Capture/Camera).
VideoProcessorConfigurable video processor (part of Media/Video/Analysis framework).
X10_OneWayInterface to serial-connected X10 controller.