Welcome to the EQUIP and the EQUATOR Component Toolkit (ECT) homepage

EQUIP (EQUIP4J and EQUIP2) and ECT are items of software that have been developed within the Equator 6-year Interdisciplinary Reserch Collaboration (IRC) which is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

EQUIP is a dataspace library (an object-oriented tuple space), which aims to support cross-platform and cross-language data sharing between networked clients. EQUIP4J is the Java version of EQUIP version 1, which has been used in several EQUATOR experience projects (including Can You See Me Know ...). ECT builds on top of EQUIP4J, and provides application and middleware functionality which specifically aims to support the rapid contruction of ubiquitous computing experiences. ECT has been used by researchers at the Royal College of Art to construct inovative domestic computing installations. EQUIP2 is a new implementation of EQUIP which targets J2EE, J2ME and C++ applications, and has been used to develop several pervasive games (including Day of the Figurines and MobiMissions).

The development of both EQUIP and ECT has been led by Professor Chris Greenhalgh at the University of Nottingham, and has included contributions from other EQUATOR partners. EQUIP and ECT are hosted by SourceForge, and their SourceForge project page can be found here. Both are free software with open source licenses. Details about downloading and installing either piece of software can be found in the relevant sections of this website (eg click on "EQUIP4J information", "ECT information" or "EQUIP2 information" above).

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